Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Comfort finds me, in silence
When I take refuge
When human voices sound like buzzing bees
Except for the symphonic twitterings of cherubs-
my own.

Faces are replaced with
Mindless, aloof question marks
And I have no inclination to answer.

I have a love/hate relationship
With loneliness and reclusivity.

I cast my umbrella
To shield me from the pelting hail of eyes
Their reasons of no concern to me.

I long to lay, face up to the sun
In a field of fellow wildflowers
Where imperfections
Are thought of as beautiful and rare.

I thinks me too colorful and curious
For this grey world outside
So mostly
I conceal it
In silence
Where comfort finds me.
And only the cherubs
to my multi-colored medley.



Jessica H. said...

I can definitely relate to this poem because I too find comfort in alone time and spending time with my thoughts...not everyone can appreciate taking moments for themselves and appreciate their surroundings..Love this poem:)

La Poetic Seamstress said...

So right. I often warn people that I become good friends with that I like to take "quiet time" to myself sometimes. There's a serenity about it; when you stop and hush, pay attention, you gain clarity.