Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution, Shmezolution!

Another new year is upon us, and I have decided to return to blogging with my usual verve. BUT, I will not call my intent to blog on a more regular basis a "resolution". How about we just call it "making a promise to oneself"? Isn't a promise something you'll be more likely to keep?  I get it, the whole idea of accountability, letting other people know so that they can help keep you on track. I say that system is antiquated. I most definitely place more stock in what I promise to myself. I may share it with others (like you, the person reading this very post), but ultimately, I simply don't want to let MYSELF down. There are a lot of things that I hope to accomplish this year, and I know that it will only be possible with my personal commitment, dedication and hard work. So instead of a resolution, this year I will make promises to myself. In addition to promising to write more, I will finish my degree and get my teaching certification and as an act of self love, I promise to take myself on at least 15 dates! Yes, I said take myself on dates! I think we could all use self love every now and then! What are you promising yourself this year?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Book!

It is with humility and excitement that I announce the launch of my first book! It is called "Drops in Your Palm" - a collection of poetry.  I invite you all to stop by the page, grab a copy, share your thoughts, share with others. Thanks to each of you for your support and for visiting my page. Here's the website:


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Everyone Loses Their Way...

It's a natural fact of life. From time to time, we all can feel lost.  No one is immune. We hear, constantly, in the media, about people getting caught for something or another that they weren't supposed to be doing, from politicians to petty thugs. It's also probably true that you hear of people deviating from a path in your daily conversations. Most people have goals and dreams in mind. At some point the fire burns brightly, the embers illuminate your thinking and you are completely motivated! That thing that you want to do, so passionately, is as clear as the crystal waters of the Caribbean and sharp as a Ginsu knife. The future seems so bright. Then, what happens? For some, they dart to the goal, uninterrupted, fiercely and freely. But for others, they may not have the freedom to do so.  Life happens. Sometimes the dream is so precious, but the priorities of life must come first, and that dream keeps getting put back into the queue.  The key is to never forget the path, the goal, the dream. You must consistently nurture it. A tiny seed takes years and years to become a mighty tree, but it needs sunlight and water, and sometimes a little support to get it started, build its' strength.  Don't forget your way, your path. Remember what it is that created sparks, that made you tingle with anticipation. This is so for anything at all, from religious beliefs to a project, to a change of lifestyle, etc...  Never beat yourself up about it.  Just remind yourself, and make an effort to get back to that thing that put the wanting in your life. Desire is a great motivator. When you find yourself feeling lost, look back, find your passion, call out to it, woo it back.  Having a purpose makes you feel good, from short to long term goals.  What will you be reminding yourself of today? Be gently with yourself and remember, you were never lost, you just lost your way.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


There’s nothing easy about realizing a dream. You have to dismiss the notion of luck. Dreams don’t come true because you are lucky. Luck is getting a parking spot close to a restaurant entrance. Luck is the sales person saying that there is one of your size left in that shoe that you simply must have. Making dreams reality means knowing that you leave nothing to chance. It is an active pursuit that requires attention and energy. It is manual; there is no automatic. No fairy dust, no wishing on eyelashes.
There has to have been a moment when you loved something so much, something that you did not possess at that time. Dreaming means longing. When you long for something to be yours, you ache, you are emotional you are passionate. Passion is the gasoline that gets you going and keeps you going until your dream is realized. If you lose passion, you reach a dead stop on your journey to your destination (aka- the dream). A dream that you truly have, does not die. The pursuit, however, may become exhausting from time to time and may require a break. This is especially true if you are a multi-tasking dream chaser, like myself. I am a mother, a military wife, an educator, a volunteer, a writer and a starry-eyed dreamer. I always have a full plate.
The moment when you know that you have a dream, when you know that there is something that you wholeheartedly want to accomplish is a moment of awakening. Something comes to life; it is possibility giving birth to your dream. There is not a person in the world that can tell anyone that they simply cannot realize a dream. We have many historic dream chasers to reference, who have overcome the greatest adversities and odds to realize there dreams. So to everyone I say, it is possible, YES WE CAN, SI SE PUEDE! Awaken your senses. Listen to that thing inside of your heart which guides you. What do you long for? What will fulfill and nourish your essence, your soul?
I am, as I have proclaimed myself, a multi-tasking dream chaser, and I do at times get exhausted. But the embers of my passion never die. This awakened part of me refuses to be laid to slumber until the destination has been reached. (At which time, I am sure that another dream will be anxiously awaiting me.) I have many dreams, many aspirations. I work tirelessly every day to be the best self that I can be. That includes listening to what my soul, my spirit, my heart needs. Keep dreaming people. It’s good for you!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Would you prefer to fit in? Would you prefer to stand out? These are questions that one must ponder on a daily basis. Anyone (most everyone) who interacts socially or even in a professional setting, must make a decision regarding the position they want to place themselves in. Each direction will offer possibilities of positive outcomes, as well as possible drawbacks. This is something I often feel conflicted about. My first inclination would be to stand out, because I simply repel the idea of being a carbon copy of anyone else. I have never liked the idea of mimicking someone, borrowing their style, doing what someone else does, etc... I've never been one to follow something or someone just because it was what everyone else was doing. I have never had a problem with peer pressure, because once I am decided about something, I cannot be swayed. So naturally, I would consider myself a person who stands out as unique, singular and steadfast. However, from my perspective there are two problems with the "standing out" scenario. Firstly, don't really like being in the spotlight. I don't like 'all eyes on me'. {The only exception, is with regards to my writing. Writers are said to have big egos, so I suppose I go into transformer mode when I put my writer's hat on!} The second problem with standing out, is that you may quite literally be left standing OUT. It can be quite a solitary experience at times. Luckily for me, at least 80% of the time, I don't mind being a loner. I'd even consider myself somewhat of a hermit at times. (Hermitage of course, being immensely difficult when you are also the mother of three children, so this is rare.) Fitting in could be so much easier, I'd imagine. Fitting in, you'd probably have a thrilling social life. You'd probably be surrounded by many people who share similar interests. You'd probably be 'snug as a bug in a rug'. I cannot speak from the perspective of a person who has ever fit into anything, with one exception. The niches I have found, have always been with my fellow poets and writers. We speak a language, come from a place full of misfits, vagabonds, rebels, loners, fire-starters, trail-blazers, optimists and dreamers -all of which I relate to.
It is a personal choice. It is a decision that must be made. Fit in or stand out. Find your comfy place. And be all that you can be when you do. And as I always say, "Be the best version of yourself."


Friday, August 26, 2011


How many times has this fragment of a thought run through your head? We have all been there. We do many things. Our lives are consumed by this and that. Women who are highly motivated (in whatever they do) and selfless often think first, of completing tasks and taking care of others. A woman like this puts herself, her desires and her dreams on the back burner a lot of the times. However, even though the basement gets filled with these dreams, we still think about them. (Yes, I am one of these women too, even though I don‘t actually have a basement.) There has to come a time when we can elaborate on this statement. “There is this thing I have been wanting to do and that thing is…”. The statement must be completed. Not only that, it must be accompanied by a plan to execute and reach the goal, do that thing you have been wanting to do. Even though I am a busy mother, wife, volunteer and writer, I still make time to do the things that I WANT to do, big or small. Why? Because these are things that feed my soul. These are things that give me personal satisfaction and make me feel successful. Just as an example, I once stepped into a craft store. I strolled by the jewelry section and it was so glittery and shimmery full of beads and fun things to make jewelry. In that moment, with not skill set applicable to creating any piece of jewelry, I decided that it was something that I wanted to do. I bought a little kit, came home and made a few pair of earrings and a couple of necklaces! I wanted to do it, and I did it. It made me feel good. I enjoyed the time I spent making them and was proud of my pieces. As a person who loves to be creative, this was just right for me. It fed my soul. For you, it might be getting a new pair of sneakers because you want to start to jog. It might even be something so simple as a looking up a recipe for biscuits because you want to make your own instead of those that come out of the can. The point here is, you (everyone) must take time to do the thing that they WANT to do. We are responsible, singularly, for our own happiness. When we are blessed enough to share our lives with someone else, we should choose people who can enhance our lives. This is true in intimate relationships as well as in friendships. What you should never do, though, is place the responsibility for your happiness on someone else’s shoulders. It is alright to have a little “you/me” time every now and then. There is nothing wrong with doing the things that make you feel good, mentally and emotionally. So go ahead, make a list or be spontaneous. Just do the things you want to do! Life has not guarantee of time so make it worth your while and live every day to the fullest!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jot, doodle & scribble your stress away!

I have always been an advocate of keeping a journal. One of the first responses I get when I suggest this to someone is "but I don't write". It is not necessary to be a writer in any expert or professional capacity to keep a journal. In fact, one of the best things about a journal is that it does not need to adhere to any specific form. In my own journal, I often just doodle and scribble in addition to writing entries. I find that it helps me to bring clarity when I am anxious, frustrated, confused or overwhelmed (*These afflictions often affect a military spouse.) You can choose to free write. What that basically means is that you pick up a writing utensil and begin writing anything, and I mean ANYTHING! You can begin with your shopping list, how you tripped over your pet, which load of laundry you need to do next...anything at all! The main goal is to just keep writing freely (usually for a set time, between 5-30 minutes, or really, as long as you like). What eventually happens is that through this writing, you touch upon something, something leaks out, something reveals itself or you purge yourself. You also become distracted from whatever stress is weighing you down at the time. Similarly, doodling or jotting down words or phrases can help reveal and release things that are on your mind. I love to doodle randomly (see picture) and as I go along, I see that each little doodle is connected to some thought or feeling, so that means something to me too. A LOT of emphasis is placed on physical health in this day and age, but equally important is your mental health. There are avenues for release, and journaling can be quite therapeutic. I have many different journals, but today, for fun, I created a collage on the front of my next journal (a simple, $1 composition notebook and clippings from mags). It makes it feel personalized and like it will house thoughts and doodles that are unique and private to me. Find a journal, make a journal. I dare say that everyone (really, of any age) can benefit from keeping a journal full of jottings, doodles, scribbles and words.