Thursday, April 5, 2012


There’s nothing easy about realizing a dream. You have to dismiss the notion of luck. Dreams don’t come true because you are lucky. Luck is getting a parking spot close to a restaurant entrance. Luck is the sales person saying that there is one of your size left in that shoe that you simply must have. Making dreams reality means knowing that you leave nothing to chance. It is an active pursuit that requires attention and energy. It is manual; there is no automatic. No fairy dust, no wishing on eyelashes.
There has to have been a moment when you loved something so much, something that you did not possess at that time. Dreaming means longing. When you long for something to be yours, you ache, you are emotional you are passionate. Passion is the gasoline that gets you going and keeps you going until your dream is realized. If you lose passion, you reach a dead stop on your journey to your destination (aka- the dream). A dream that you truly have, does not die. The pursuit, however, may become exhausting from time to time and may require a break. This is especially true if you are a multi-tasking dream chaser, like myself. I am a mother, a military wife, an educator, a volunteer, a writer and a starry-eyed dreamer. I always have a full plate.
The moment when you know that you have a dream, when you know that there is something that you wholeheartedly want to accomplish is a moment of awakening. Something comes to life; it is possibility giving birth to your dream. There is not a person in the world that can tell anyone that they simply cannot realize a dream. We have many historic dream chasers to reference, who have overcome the greatest adversities and odds to realize there dreams. So to everyone I say, it is possible, YES WE CAN, SI SE PUEDE! Awaken your senses. Listen to that thing inside of your heart which guides you. What do you long for? What will fulfill and nourish your essence, your soul?
I am, as I have proclaimed myself, a multi-tasking dream chaser, and I do at times get exhausted. But the embers of my passion never die. This awakened part of me refuses to be laid to slumber until the destination has been reached. (At which time, I am sure that another dream will be anxiously awaiting me.) I have many dreams, many aspirations. I work tirelessly every day to be the best self that I can be. That includes listening to what my soul, my spirit, my heart needs. Keep dreaming people. It’s good for you!