Monday, June 28, 2010

Wounded Wiser


I must be confessing
That I have been stressing
My wounds all need dressing
And it’s been messing
With my head

I gotta get right
Not everything is a fight
It leads to losing sight
Of what is right
In front of me

Not just giving away status
Because that is
Just plain madness
Recognizing that it
Must be earned

Not looking for highlights
In my life
As mother and wife
In plain eye sight
They find me
All day

In the smiles on their faces
In the peaceful places
In the familial embraces
No need to chase it’s
Right here

I’ve refocused my mind
Making the most of time
Chasing the dreams
That I am meant to find
And leaving behind

~La Poetic Seamstress~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving (on) New Chapter

Moving. It can be a dreadful process to some. As a military family, we are somewhat accustomed to it, and come to expect it. The only part that I really dislike is packing and unpacking; the rest, I really don't mind. This move, however, is a little harder than previous moves. Only because my children are older and are leaving friends and what they know. We have been here for eight years. That's a lot of time. I am not apprehensive though. We have had great times, met great people and created fond memories here. But, I have also had the displeasure of encountering less than likable characters. Even if I don't associate with them now, the shell remains. I am ready to shed all of the disdain that I have come to acquire while here. I am ready to embark on a NEW chapter, and move on, move forward. I have learned much and grown incredibly in the eight years we have spent here. I am a stronger woman, a better mother and have a solid marriage. Priorities are clear and I am taking what I have learned about myself, and about people, with me. It gives me a greater sense of who and how I need to be as I plant my feet on new territory. On a side enote, I have a terrible headache, and it's probably the anticipation of 8 years of stuff that I have to rummage through, and throw away. You can accumulate a lot in 8 years, in a family of 5!! Wish me luck!

~La Poetic Seamstress~

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Universe

I'm no Zen person, whatever that may be, but I often hear and read about people being in touch with the Universe. I still don't know what that means, but I decided to try and figure it out. What does getting in touch with the Universe mean? If anyone has any insight, do share. For me, I decided to take cues from life, from nature. I am embracing the positivity in my life and shunning negativity. I am embarking on all things positive. I am making things happen instead of waiting for them to land in my lap. The saying is true that Time waits for no one. As most know, I love to write and always have. I've never considered it as a profession because I can't imagine imposing deadlines on my creative process. But I started learning more about freelance writing. (Yes, I write more than just poetry.) I've begun to expand my horizons. I am working on several writing projects and submitting work for publications. I am writing on my terms and it feels great! I was working on an article yesterday and my son said to me "Watcha doing Mom?" I told him I was writing and article to submit to a magazine and he replied, "Wow Mom, that's really cool!" What I am hoping they (my children) learn is that passion is a powerful driving force. So I am opening my senses. I am accepting cues from the Universe. And when things don't go the way I imagine them, I believe it's all part of the grand scheme of things. Maybe I'll start doing more Yoga!

~La Poetic Seamstress~