Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring “BREAK” & Bye-Bye Birdie

SPRING BREAK: Yup, I’ve been out of the loop…because it’s Spring Break! A poem a day…HA! NOT during Spring Break! Let’s define “break” because it’s not the same to everyone. I am a mother of three, so in my house, it really means kids break. It’s a good thing though because it’s preparing me for the Summer; a much longer break in which I will have to find a slew of ways to entertain and delight my twitter bugs, and all by myself I might add (deployments suck!)! So, since the kids are on break from school, I am on break from writing. By the time I’m done filling their days, I’m pretty pooped. I just want to shower & relax & watch ANTM, Survivor, Project Runway, V…whatever is on the (blank your mind out) tube. I’ll have to wait until next week to really get into writing. A break is good sometimes though, relaxes your mind, let’s you absorb things around you and hopefully by the end, you are refreshed and recharged.

For about a month now, my children and I have been keeping tabs on a Killdeer Plover that was nested in the mulch under a tree, by the kids school. We have visited, seen the eggs go from 3 to 4, watched the bird parents take turns sitting on the eggs and even named the family (Gloria & Stanley Killdeer). We got a little attached to this little bird family, even though she’d shrill at us sometimes. Spring Break came and we hadn’t visited in about 4 days. We had researched this bird and knew that it took about 26 days for the eggs to hatch and the baby birds could not fly on their own the first day or two. We knew their birthday was close… WE missed it! Today, we went to visit Gloria & Stanley and see if the babies had hatched. Much to our disappointment, the eggs were gone and there was barely an indentation where their nest used to be. We’d spent so much time being concerned about these little birds; my kids would get really sad when it got too cold or rained because they felt bad for the birds & eggs. We’ll have to keep our eyes opened for another nest. I think it was a good Springtime experience for us, though. Bye-Bye birdies!


Anonymous said...

OOooh how cute!