Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving (on) New Chapter

Moving. It can be a dreadful process to some. As a military family, we are somewhat accustomed to it, and come to expect it. The only part that I really dislike is packing and unpacking; the rest, I really don't mind. This move, however, is a little harder than previous moves. Only because my children are older and are leaving friends and what they know. We have been here for eight years. That's a lot of time. I am not apprehensive though. We have had great times, met great people and created fond memories here. But, I have also had the displeasure of encountering less than likable characters. Even if I don't associate with them now, the shell remains. I am ready to shed all of the disdain that I have come to acquire while here. I am ready to embark on a NEW chapter, and move on, move forward. I have learned much and grown incredibly in the eight years we have spent here. I am a stronger woman, a better mother and have a solid marriage. Priorities are clear and I am taking what I have learned about myself, and about people, with me. It gives me a greater sense of who and how I need to be as I plant my feet on new territory. On a side enote, I have a terrible headache, and it's probably the anticipation of 8 years of stuff that I have to rummage through, and throw away. You can accumulate a lot in 8 years, in a family of 5!! Wish me luck!

~La Poetic Seamstress~