Monday, October 18, 2010

Instant Gratification

I like things like the quarter machines, where you put a quarter in, turn the dial and out comes a prize or gumball or whatever. Instantly, bam! There it is! I love that! But of course, most of real life is not like a quarter machine. It takes a grand amount of patience sometimes. Tying this into my writing...I'm blocked. Actually, it feels more like stalled. Perhaps it's even sidetracked. There is a lot going on in my life. That is NO excuse. I need to learn how to manage my time and focus more clearly. I want to write, so I want it to come out NOW! The words, the stanzas, the rhymes, but they won't. Here is one thing that I have learned though, through the years. I cannot will the words. They come when they are ready to come, when the words are clear. This is true in every day life as well. When we obsess over wanting things that we don't have at the moment, it makes all of things we DO have pale in comparison. What is meant to be ours will make its arrival into our pocket of the universe when it is our time to receive it.