Monday, December 6, 2010

Journal Grp For Deployed Spouses-HELP~

Hello all! I will be creating a journaling group at my local installation here. My intention is to facilitate a group with journaling prompts followed by coffee & tea. It will be a way to meet & bring together women who are going through a deployment, and a way to realease some of the stresses related to it. I am quite excited and passionate about this project & I think it will do a lot of good! Here's how YOU can help the spouses of deployed service members!

***I would like for these spouses to be able to come in with nothing but themselves; I'd like to be able to provide a journal to start with, for each participant.
**If you want to or know someone who may want to donate a simple blank journal, please get in touch with me.** It does not have to be fancy, and every little bit counts. Even if YOU cannot, you may know somone who can donate a journal. :-)

Thank you so much in advance to everyone! Spread the word!

You can reach me here or via email,