Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great way to start the new year!

I didn't really make a resolution this year. I just decided to resolve to focus on self-development. Part of that is committing to doing the things that make ME feel good. What I have nailed down: being a good wife, being a good mom, volunteering in my community. What I DON'T have nailed down: doing the things that nourish my soul and make me feel great, inside and out. I feel guilty, plain and simple, to do things that solely benefit me. However...when I think about it a little more in depth, if I feel better and happier, won't that benefit everyone around me as well? I just need to work on reminding myself of that. My home and family will not fall apart if I take a little bit of time for myself. I forget this. Every now and then I get a little reminder, a nudge. I did. I haven't written in a while, wholly consumed by the duties of a domestic goddess and super mom. However, a few days ago, I got an email, a congratulatory email, stating that a piece that I had written and submitted has been accepted for submission in an upcoming Anthology! I also have a different piece being published in a different Anthology in March of this year! I read this good news email and then the words morphed into: "See girl, what is the matter with you? Your words matter, you have a skill, a gift. You need to stop complaining about not having the time, and MAKE the time. Writing is your thing, and you are being very neglectful! Get back to it, woman!" Or something like that... So it's a good start to 2011. A little more me time is in order, and I think that everything will still be okay in the home! (chanting, "abandon the feelings of guilt and be your best selllllllllf....")