Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Everyone Loses Their Way...

It's a natural fact of life. From time to time, we all can feel lost.  No one is immune. We hear, constantly, in the media, about people getting caught for something or another that they weren't supposed to be doing, from politicians to petty thugs. It's also probably true that you hear of people deviating from a path in your daily conversations. Most people have goals and dreams in mind. At some point the fire burns brightly, the embers illuminate your thinking and you are completely motivated! That thing that you want to do, so passionately, is as clear as the crystal waters of the Caribbean and sharp as a Ginsu knife. The future seems so bright. Then, what happens? For some, they dart to the goal, uninterrupted, fiercely and freely. But for others, they may not have the freedom to do so.  Life happens. Sometimes the dream is so precious, but the priorities of life must come first, and that dream keeps getting put back into the queue.  The key is to never forget the path, the goal, the dream. You must consistently nurture it. A tiny seed takes years and years to become a mighty tree, but it needs sunlight and water, and sometimes a little support to get it started, build its' strength.  Don't forget your way, your path. Remember what it is that created sparks, that made you tingle with anticipation. This is so for anything at all, from religious beliefs to a project, to a change of lifestyle, etc...  Never beat yourself up about it.  Just remind yourself, and make an effort to get back to that thing that put the wanting in your life. Desire is a great motivator. When you find yourself feeling lost, look back, find your passion, call out to it, woo it back.  Having a purpose makes you feel good, from short to long term goals.  What will you be reminding yourself of today? Be gently with yourself and remember, you were never lost, you just lost your way.