Thursday, August 26, 2010

Texas, I have arrived!

After a grueling trip (LONG ride, our car completely fell apart in TN, we had to get Red Cross to help us get a tow and a hotel room, had to junk our car and get a rental from an airport an hour and a half way), we FINALLY made it to TX. The best part was as all of this insanity was happening to us, we kept strong as a family and none of us had a nervous breakdown. I try to be thankful of all of the good that we have. Even though it is a difficult patch, we are all being optimistic and upbeat. We have a home, we have our things and we are working on getting a car. The kids are in school and I've even had a chance to meet a group of really friendly and cool wives. Here are my initial observations about Texas:
#1 ~It's HOTTTTTT!
#2 There are huge, icky crickets out here.
#3 ~The walk, in total to & from school to take my kids will total about 4 miles daily!
#4 ~This installation is HUGE!
#5 ~People really DO wear cowboy boots on a regular basis out here!

Still so much to learn, so many people to meet, places to visit and things to do! Forwarrrrd, MARCH!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bitty ponytail, Spare Change & Cleaning persons

Jobs...endless options! Meaning, you can seek out jobs in any field provided that you are qualified. I want to take this moment to say how much I appreciate all of the people in the world who are OCD about cleaning. These are the people who excel and enjoy the job of being a cleaning person. I am totally serious too! As I mentioned, I'm moving. I have spent the past week, scrubbing, bleaching, scraping, wiping, washing rinsing....and I'm tired and my fingers are peeling from Clorox & all the other cleaning products. (Even though I love the smell of cleaning supplies like Clorox, Windex & Pine Sol!) This is another opportunity to state how much I appreciate my husband. Even with all the cleaning I have done, there is still a lot to be done!! So my hubby has agreed to hire cleaning people to clean the house to clear for our move!! Woot-woot!! I have done so much already so it's pretty much easy, but I almost teared up at the thought of cleaning blinds again!! So that makes me a really happy camper! Oddly enough, I DO have several OCD tendencies, but they mostly stem from my obsession with order and doing things "just right". About my ponytail...I HAVE ONE. It's a little itty bitty one, but it fits in a pony tail holder!! I am growing my hair out. I've considered getting extensions in, but they are SO expensive. I'll have to see if I can get a good deal!! It would be a change. Speaking of change....I am saving all of the loose change and singles I am finding around the house! I can't wait to see how much I gather! I told the kids we'd have a pizza party with the $ we collect!!