Thursday, August 26, 2010

Texas, I have arrived!

After a grueling trip (LONG ride, our car completely fell apart in TN, we had to get Red Cross to help us get a tow and a hotel room, had to junk our car and get a rental from an airport an hour and a half way), we FINALLY made it to TX. The best part was as all of this insanity was happening to us, we kept strong as a family and none of us had a nervous breakdown. I try to be thankful of all of the good that we have. Even though it is a difficult patch, we are all being optimistic and upbeat. We have a home, we have our things and we are working on getting a car. The kids are in school and I've even had a chance to meet a group of really friendly and cool wives. Here are my initial observations about Texas:
#1 ~It's HOTTTTTT!
#2 There are huge, icky crickets out here.
#3 ~The walk, in total to & from school to take my kids will total about 4 miles daily!
#4 ~This installation is HUGE!
#5 ~People really DO wear cowboy boots on a regular basis out here!

Still so much to learn, so many people to meet, places to visit and things to do! Forwarrrrd, MARCH!