Monday, September 6, 2010

It was there all along~

I knew I wanted to open my mind to writing something today. For me, that means waiting. It's kind of like knowing someone is going to call, but they didn't tell you exactly what time. I didn't have to wait very long and it was while I was doing the morning dishes. I have three children so every morning there are usually three cups, three bowls/plates and three utensils to wash from breakfast. (I like the #3, btw.) This morning, there was a fourth cup. These particular cups came in a set of four, but I usually only see 3, as I said. {I'm guessing hubby drank something before PT.} Anyway, as I washed them, I said to myself, "Where'd this fourth cup come from?" Then I answered myself, "It was there all along, I just never used it." {And yes, I do converse with myself in this way regularly. P.S. I wasn't speaking aloud.} So this got me thinking.

We all posess skills, talents, gifts, traits, etc., that are within us that we do not use or tap into. When one lacks confidence, it is not because they truly lack it in the sense of absence, they just have not made the choice to exercise it, for example. We are all masses of energy, wonder and unlimited potential! How energized we become, how wonderous we turn out and how much of our potential we reach is in OUR hands. The Creator (whichever name you choose, for me it's God) did not put a cap on our potential. What a gift! Just to know that if I want something, if I dream of something (as I often do), I DO have the power to make it reality because the tools to the pathways of success are built right into me! I tell my children all the time, usually when they are being unruly and tell me they can't stop misbehaving, that we, as human beings were given great power. We can control our minds and bodies. We COULD have been created as robots, but instead we were given emotions and free will, and it is that which allows us to decide for ourselves how we will behave/act. It is a great responsibility, but also a powerful gift. {They like that part.}

So today I challenge you to tap into your own ability and power. For the things that you desire, want to achieve, look within yourself to find the pathway. Reflect inwardly on all those things that have been there all along. They await your beckon.