Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pull back the curtain to smile at the sun
Instead I see you, first
Not the sunbeam or the dew gleam
Blackest crow, what message do you bring me?

Approaching the crux of seasonal change
Peering around the corner for a preview
I see you
But I fear not your message

You stay but for a few moments
Standing on grass half wheat, half green
Just to be admired
And I look at you, but you do nothing
Just show yourself, provoking some thought in me
That is yet to be revealed

You take flight with your fellow messengers
This mornings' work done and on to the next recipient
I feel warmth and softness at my side
And my black cat watches you flee too
The proclamation is but a sensation
Stirred in my mind

My eyes are a little wider
My hearing a little keener
Listening for the whisper in the wind
Looking for the glimmer in my periphery
And I wait for it