Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pajamas...Really? & Unicorns~

PAJAMAS ~ I've tried, for seven months, to ignore this issue. But it irks me! It irks me like when people chew with their mouths open. It irks me like when you are walking along the sidewalk and the idiot driver plows through the puddle, splashing you! It irks me like when people have "private" cell phone conversations so loud you can barely hear your own thoughts! Ok, what is it? Pajamas! (but there's more to it; read on!) I LOVE pajamas. I collect them, I ask for them for birthdays and Christmas, mainly the pants! I have seasonal pj pants, ones with sayings on the booty (bad girl, lol), Hello Kitty ones (my fave), Victoria's Secret (absolute fave) fleece, cotton, silk...etc. Here goes the problem. I would like to officially, publicly state that Pajama Pants are not meant for public wear; they are not a Fashion Statement or Fashion Style! Here's the story. I'm a mom. I have kids that ride the school bus and yes, sometimes I am rushing so much to get them ready (because I iron clothing for three children every morning, style hair and make a good breakfast), that sometimes I don't have a chance to get out of my oh-so-fabulous pajama pants! So...I wear them to take them to the bus. In my defense, most times I drive them to school anyway, so no one really sees me! {Yes, I am getting to the point, right now.} I think that's perfectly acceptable. HOWEVER, when that bus rolls around at 3pm to drop your kids back off to you, and you are STILL in that same damn pajamas...THAT IRKS ME! Once or twice a month, whatever, we are women, we have those days! But every freakin' day?? Come on now? And you want to maintain your marriage? I highly doubt that you wore pajama pants on your dates during your courtship! And what are you showing these kids? That it's okay to loaf around in the same clothes all day, every day? Lest we forget, parents, that our children emulate us and learn by example. Pride in appearance, neatness and cleanliness, healthy self esteem and good grooming habits...very important! Am I wrong? It just irks me! There, I said it!

UNICORNS ~ I've always liked fairies. Something so dainty, feminine, mystical and magical... And then the word Unicorn dripped out of my mind. I was talking about myself, how different I was, how I felt like a Unicorn in a room of people. And then I was captivated. Unicorns are regal, lovely, solitary, magical, a thing to awe at, they hold their own, they are graceful and unique, they represent good and they are pretty quiet (I mean, from everything I've read or seen in movies!)
. And I do kind of feel like a Unicorn, except not as beautiful. {I'm no chop liver, just not Unicorn beautiful!} So, I fell in love with Unicorns, and I don't mind being the "unicorn" in the room. Gives me an idea for my next tattoo...but that's another blog altogether!

~La Poetic Seamstress~


Michelle Marie said...

I want unicorn pajamas now!!

La Poetic Seamstress said...

Alright, now you have me wanting them! The hunt is on!