Tuesday, March 23, 2010


How shall they look upon us?
As two lovebirds, fluttering inseparably in bliss?
Or as two sordid creatures, gnawing at the rope of indecency?
As my lips glisten with the dew of your parting kiss
Can it be seen, the innocence in this?
No malice or indecency, rather, the intent
The desire to love and be loved
The want to be in union, forever betrothed.
Or is it a vision of obscenity?
The blood-lust dripping from my lips
As if I had feasted on flesh of a mortal.
The only crime is in the line
Drawn between us
Creating a sea of separation, where wanted
Is a path of reunion.
Who alive should deem themselves worthy
To govern and impose rules of the heart?
Yet, they do, and we must
Even if we be shunned.
For there is no more cruel a death, I fear
Than that of a life, forced to live
Without you by my side.