Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Name CHANGE & Date with a Mic

Shocking! So after I chose the "name" Poetic Seamstress", I decided to do a google search to see if my blog popped up. Holy Smokes! Nope, I didn't, but A poetic seamstress DID pop up and goodness gracious, she wrote erotica! I scrolled down her page and...I can't even type what I SAW! For the RECORD, I am no prude, however, if I tell someone to find me online and just casually say Poetic Seamstress, I don't want them to find THAT!!! The good thing is that she (erotica woman) has her picture on there and it can't be mistaken for ME! {Again, I am NOT knocking Erotica writers; that's just not ME.} Can you imagine if I hadn't looked and told, let's say, my husbands co-workers to find me online? The palpitations... So, what to do? I am simply going to add "La". That's right. I think it's fitting. I am LAtina, after all! change= "La Poetic Seamstress" Wait...let me google that too and make sure something else crazy doesn't come up! Nope...all clear!

The Mic---Not all poetry is meant to be read aloud. I really came to this realization when I decided to do my very first Open Mic in NYC (w/NYCLWG) last October. As I was preparing and writing, I realized that I had to tweek some things to recite aloud. You have to make it sound different coming out of your mouth. Emphasis has to be placed on certain words or phrases. I still feel though, from my writing perspective, that some poetry (of mine anyway) is meant to be read, off the page, absorbed through the eyes, into the mind. So when I write for an Open Mic, I write a little more lyrically, a little more melodically. AND I am Oh-So excited to be attending my second Open Mic here in VA. I got awesome, helpful feedback the last time that I went, so I am definitely going again, this Friday!! There's nothing like being in the company of people who love poetry and writing just as much as you do! So off to blaze the mic I go!